Black Mirror

Black Mirror The Set Design

Robert Wischhusen-Hayes, Kate Beckly, Andrew McCarthy, Ellie Shanks and Katie Spencer

Joel Collins, Robyn Paiba, Daniel May, Byron Broadbent, James Foster and Morgan Kennedy

Caroline Barclay, Robyn Paiba, Shane Bunce, Greg Cleaver, Nick Dent, Richard Field, Shaun Fenn, Daniel May, Greg Shaw, Kate Wicks, Jack Wilkinson and Jason Clarke

A television anthology series that shows the dark side of life and technology. Within each episode is a self contained story that the art department has to bring to life. From government office, to farmhouses, to futuristic homes - we see a huge range of set designs in this show. The credit list for the art department, considering how few episodes there is, shows the scope of talent that were involved in this production.Read more »

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