Supergirl The Set Design

Andrea Mae Fenton

Seth Reed, Cabot McMullen & Tyler Bishop Harron

John B. Josselyn, Giao-Chau Ly, Jim Wallis & David Meyer

This modern day version follows the adventures of Superman’s cousin in her own superhero career. Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) works for a magazine, but her secret identity is that of Supergirl. The protector of those in danger. Calista Flockhart also makes her return to TV as Kara’s unflinching boss. The offices of CatCo Worldwide Media are impeccably designed and decorated. Accomplished set decorator Andrea Mae Fenton decorated these sets with wonderfully stylish furniture and décor. We particularly like Calista Flockhart’s office. Getting that unique look and feel. This DC superhero show is definitely one of the more stylish. Getting that certain style is something the set designers definitely looked for in the luxurious style and aesthetic. We are big fans of set decorator Andrea Mae Fenton and her team.Read more »

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