Californication The Set Design

Debra Combs, Megan Malley, Timothy Stepeck, Maggie Martin, Ron Franco, Casey Hallenbeck

Ray Yamagata, Eric Weiler, Michael Z. Hanan, Michael Wylie, Garreth Stover, Gabrael Wilson

Chikako Suzuki, Caroline Quinn, Eric Weiler, Amy Lee Wheeler, Ray Yamagata

Californication follows the sex, drug, and alcohol driven lifestyle of Hank Moody – a father and famed writer. While the first few seasons of the show manages to balance hedonism with the recognition of how it impacts on family and friends. The later seasons, as many shows do, doubles down on the wackier antics and the underlying moral questions get lost in the still entertaining roller-coaster that is Hank’s life. The show is based in LA (no surprise, considering the title) and we get treated to some great scenes situated in the likes of Venice Beach or the rolling hills of Hollywood.Read more »

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Alias Rollingframe Task Chair

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