Billions The Set Design

Lisa Scoppa

Michael Shaw

Richard Dennis & Wing Lee

This Showtime series explores the world of high finance. Bobby Axelrod (Damien Lewis) is a leading hedge-fund manager who is in a battle with U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades (Paul Giamatti). Despite the lack of characters one can empathise with or even relate to, Billions is a lavish eye-catching production with solid writing and equally solid acting. We particularly like the offices of Axe Capital.Read more »

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Bobby Axelrod’s Office

Bobby Axelrod’s Office

Billions is one of the most stylish shows on TV. The offices of Connecticut based hedge-fund firm Axe Capital is beautifully designed and decorated. Production designer Michael Shaw and set decorator Lisa Scoppa delivered an eye-catching contemporary office space with some of the best designer furniture available on the market. One office seems to stand out more than most however. Bobby Axelrod’s (Damien Lewis) office is a large bright space with starkly contrasting black office furniture, supplied by Italian furniture designer Arper. Bobby Axelrod’s desk is the stunning Nuur Desk, his sleek office chair is the Aston Executive Chair and his two side chairs are the Catifa 53 Sled Chairs.Photo Credit: Michael ShawRead more

Axe Capital HQ

Axe Capital HQ

The interiors of Axe Capital have many wonderfully designed individual and open-plan office spaces. The central atrium, with its glazed roof, floods the building with natural light. White walls, light wood floors combined with vast expanses of glass and steel, make it a bright airy office building. Set decorator Lisa Scoppa furnished these spaces with amazing contemporary furniture, art and lighting. From Eames and Knoll chairs, to FLOS lighting, it is filled with the best designer pieces stock market money can buy. The design team behind this hit Showtime series have created a space we (and millions others) watch with envious eyes.Read more

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