Episodes The Set Design

Clare Andrade and Julie Bolder

Jonathan Paul Green, Erik Carlson, Grenville Horner and Tony Fanning

Louisa Morris, Keith Slote, Brian Jewell, Nicole Northridge and Fleur Whitlock

Successful British writers Beverly (Tamsin Greig) and Sean Lincoln (Stephen Mangan) have a hit TV series in the UK. Things couldn’t be better. This begins to change when a Hollywood network executive is certain that a US remake of the show will be a hit with an American audience. They move to Hollywood to create the US version but the cutthroat nature of Hollywood finds them quickly losing creative control of their show. The original star of the show is dismissed by the executives in favour of former ‘Friends’ actor Matt LeBlanc. LeBlanc plays a parody of himself in this very funny and smart comedy.Read more »

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