Interstellar The Set Design

Gary Fettis

Nathan Crowley

Kendelle Elliot, Eggert Ketilsson, David F. Klassen, Gary Kosko, Josh Lusby, Eric Sundahl & Dean Wolcott

Director Christopher Nolan brings to the screen his space-exploration sci-fi drama where a team of explorers travel far beyond our solar system in search of a planet that can sustain life. Humankind is relying on them to succeed as they are facing extinction on Earth. With a string of visually spectacular movies behind him, our expectations surrounding a Christopher Nolan movie have become so high. Nolan looks to frequent collaborator Nathan Crowley (production designer) and a highly experienced art department to bring the worlds and sets of Interstellar into tactile life, and the results do not disappoint. And even without Wally Pfister (Nolan’s usual cinematographer) Interstellar looks amazing.Read more »

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