Ex Machina

Ex Machina The Set Design

Michelle Day

Mark Digby

Katrina Mackay & Denis Schnegg

Ex Machina is writer Alex Garland’s directorial debut. A stylish contemporary science fiction movie where Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson), an accomplished coder at the world’s largest tech company, is invited to a secret mountain hideaway owned by the company’s CEO (Oscar Isaac). Caleb soon learns he is there to partake in an extraordinary experiment. He must interact with a beautiful android girl and test if true artificial intelligence exists. Ex Machina is a smart thriller that veers in a very different direction than that of the sci-fi movies of late. It is a deep character study craftily examining the human condition, brilliantly delving into the philosophical with sharp intelligent dialogue. In addition to this, the sets are beautiful and have a strong Danish feel to them. Not surprising given the two property locations used for the mountain hideaway are both in Norway. One is a very stylish hotel and the other is an equally sleek and contemporary house. Additional sets were built in Pinewoods studio.Read more »

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