About a Boy

About a Boy The Set Design

John Bush

Jim Clay

Gary Freeman & Rod McLean

This 2002 adaptation of the popular Nick Hornby book of the same name, proved a winner with audiences and critics. Will Freeman (Hugh Grant) is an egotistical immature chauvinist who is forced to look at himself and ultimately his outlook on life by a young boy who he has befriended. This touching drama features strong performances by a 13 year old Nicholas Hoult and his on-screen mother Toni Collette. Even Hugh Grant shakes off his typecast bumbling Englishman persona and delivers a solid performance. For this production the directorial team of the Wietz brothers looked to production designer Jim Clay and set decorator John Bush to bring these characters’ worlds to life. We particularly like Will Freeman’s apartment. It is a great bachelor pad, equipped with masculine furniture and some of the best designer boy’s toys – from a Porsche toaster to a Bang & Olufsen sound system.Read more »

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