500 Days of Summer

500 Days of Summer The Set Design

Jennifer Lukehart

Laura Fox

Charles Varga

500 Days of Summer was a surprise romantic hit in 2009. This is not your typical romantic comedy however. It is not all happy go-lucky and is in fact much more true to life. Heartache features more heavily than “true love” and for anyone who has been in a relationship it is at times tough to watch. That being said, 500 Days of Summer is also a quirky, funny and a beautifully pieced together movie. On top of that, architecture is a theme that features throughout with numerous references and some stylish interiors and clever cityscapes. Most of us at the Seen on Set office are fans of this movie, but be warned, it takes many in the office to a place they best want to forget.Read more »

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A Bon Chat Bon Rat 1909 Movie Poster

A Bon Chat Bon Rat 1909 Movie Poster

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