Tron Legacy

Tron Legacy The Set Design

Lin MacDonald

Darren Gilford

Kevin Ishioka, Mark W. Mansbridge

Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) is the CEO of Encom, a computer genius and virtual world designer, and the father of Sam (Garrett Hedlund). This Disney remake, a sequel to Tron (1982), is directed by Joseph Kosinski (who has an architecture degree) and is saturated with his design vision, using concrete, glass and steel. This design language is realised by the production design team into a spectacular and stunning movie world, dazzling the audience with a feast of slick, stylish imagery of a digital-age decor. We love Sam’s modern, industrial, off-grid house, converted from shipping containers into the ultimate ‘cave’ dwelling. The most spectacular set, however, is the glowing Safehouse, where Kevin Flynn spends the last of his digital years on the edge of the Tron universe. It is furnished with iconic mid-century modern pieces and a version of 18th century antiques designed for the movie, all on a floor of illuminated glass panels under a cut-crystal chandelier. These elements combined with the bespoke acrylic furniture - into which set decorator Lin MacDonald incorporated rope lights so that it too glows. A work of genius, we say.Read more »

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