The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight The Set Design

Peter Lando

Nathan Crowley

Kevin Kavanaugh, Simon Lamont

The second instalment in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy was both a commercial and critical success. Nolan’s style of directing and his meticulous attention to detail resulted in a comic book movie that was sleek, stylish and contemporary. Believe it or not, but architecture has always played an important role in the world of Batman and perhaps more precisely, in the world of Gotham. As the DC comics evolve Gotham City abandons the Art Nouveou and Art Deco skyscrapers and it slowly becomes a city of glass and steel. It is this Gotham we find in The Dark Knight. Production designer Nathan Crowley has worked on many of Nolan’s pictures and they combined to give us a Batman working in a Mies Van Der Rohes-esc space with a vast suspended backlit ceiling and stark concrete walls rather than a cave. A Gotham free of the Gothic influences of the past yet this new corporate dystopian city can equally cultivate the most sinister of villains.Read more »

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