Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs The Set Design

Gene Serdena

Guy Hendrix Dyas

Peter Borck, Roman Figun & Luke Freeborn

Academy Award winning director Danny Boyle delivers a unique view of iconic Apple C.E.O Steve Jobs from 1984-1998. Encapsulating his persona during three distinct product launches. With screenwriter Aaron Sorkin penning the script with his usual rapid-fire dialogue, the film is fast paced and provides insight to the Job’s life and behaviour. Boyle intertwines flashbacks to give us further background. Steve Job’s many contributions may never be paralleled, yet his method was equally formidable. This portrayal, based on the Walter Isaacson’s international best-seller, is neither flattering nor galling. His relationships with those close to him are examined and you are left to judge their impact.Read more »

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