Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad The Set Design

Shane Vieau and Beauchamp Fontaine

Oliver Scholl

Ravi Bansal, Greg Berry, Brandt Gordon, Aleksandra Marinkovich, Brad Ricker, Eric Víquez, Clint Wallace and Colin Woods

After the death of Superman, the leader of a secret agency Amanda Waller convinces the government to recruit super-villains to protect the world from new immerging threats. This new team of antiheroes includes the hitman Deadshot; The Joker’s girlfriend and former psychiatrist Harley Quinn; the pyrokinetic Diablo; the bank thief Captain Boomerang; the mutant Killer Croc; the criminal Slipknot; and the witch Enchantress. They form the Task Force X or as they like to call themselves: Suicide Squad. This DC Comics blockbuster failed to connect with critics and many fans, but was a huge commercial success.Read more »

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