Annie The Set Design

David Schlesinger & Romano C. Pugliese

Marcia Hinds

Patricia Woodbridge

This Annie (Quvenzhane Wallis) is a modern remake of the classic Broadway show and 1982 movie of the same name. Annie is a young orphan girl living in a New York City foster care program. She is forced to stay with her mean foster mom, Miss Hannigan (Cameron Diaz). Annie is a street-smart young girl who sticks-it-out in this Harlem foster care as she dreams for so much more. Her life changes however, when she is saved from being knocked down by billionaire telecoms tycoon and NYC Mayoral candidate, Will Stacks (Jamie Foxx). Stacks and his political team decide to use the life-saving incident to boost his polls for the upcoming NYC election. Annie moves into his penthouse home, and what initially began as a political opportunity quickly turns into true friendship and love between to the two.Read more »

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