American Gigolo

American Gigolo The Set Design

George Gaines


Edward Richardson

A top earning gigolo in ‘80s Los Angeles, Richard Gere’s Julian navigates between life in the Hills and the gritty dowtown clubs. American Gigolo is a time capsule symbolic of the people, clothing and homes of the eighties. The stylish attention to detail, from Julian’s (Richard Gere) wardrobe by Giorgio Armani, to the ‘look’ of the film by visual consultant Ferdinando Scarfiotti and to George Gaines’ set design with its blue, cream and caramel hues captures, visually and conceptually, a Los Angeles as an ethical and moral vacuum. Note the Le Corbusier LC 2 armchair upholstered in grey wool, and the long sofa also upholstered in grey wool, which epitomise the look of the movie.Read more »

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