Vanilla Sky

Vanilla Sky The Set Design

Cloudia Rebar

Catherine Hardwicke

John Chichester, Beat Frutiger, Michael Rizzo, James F. Truesdale and Alec Burnham

David Aames (Tom Cruise) is a wealthy publishing tycoon’s son who inherited his father’s company after both parents were killed in a car crash. David is a shallow playboy who seems to take his life for granted. He has strange dreams, which only leads to confusion in his life when he is conscious. After David is in a horrific car accident involving his girlfriend Julie (Cameron Diaz) he finds himself in jail, disfigured and wearing a prosthetic mask. He is desperate to find out what actually happened while trying to establish what is real and what is a dream. Cameron Crowe helms this psychological thriller, which was a solid commercial success when released in 2001.Read more »

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