How Do You Know

How Do You Know The Set Design

Merideth Boswell & Nancy Nye

Jeannine Oppewall

Anthony Dunne & David Blass

This romantic comedy by legendary writer/director James L. Brooks went largely unnoticed when released in 2010. This isn’t too much of a surprise as it’s far from Brooks’ best work. How Do you Know is the story of softball player, Lisa (Reese Whitherspoon), who has been cut from the US national team and business man, George (Paul Rudd), who has just been indicted while working for his father’s company. Throw in Lisa’s unofficial boyfriend Matty (Owen Wilson) and you have a love triangle that is as clichéd and as uninspiring as any quick-to-market rom-com. It does feature the fabulous Donna ‘Up’ Chair by designer Gaetano Pesce however, so we forgive the tired plotline.Read more »

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