Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Transformers: Dark of the Moon The Set Design

Jennifer Williams

Nigel Phelps

Richard L. Johnson

The third instalment in this enormous franchise is pretty much a relentless onslaught of effects, explosions and eye-candy from start to finish. The city of Chicago provides the battlefield for the final encounter with the nasty Decepticons. Many well-known buildings are used for the production, including; the Jewelers building, Trump International Tower and the Michigan Central Train Depot. Once again, production designer Nigel Phelps and set decorator Jennifer Williams deliver sets that are as sleek and contemporary as we have come to expect from a Michael Bay picture. Antagonist Dylan Gould’s (Patrick Dempsey) glamorous penthouse apartment in the Trump Tower Chicago and the magnificent Milwaukee Art Museum masquerading as his automobile museum are just two of the many notable sets.Read more »

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