With the return of Will & Grace we look back at their iconic New York apartment

As the world eagerly anticipates the return of the hit NBC comedy series we delve into the interiors of Will Truman’s now famous Manhattan apartment

With the return of Will & Grace we look back at their iconic New York apartment

In late September 1998 Will & Grace debuted on our screens and quickly became one of the most watched shows on U.S. television. This hugely progressive and brilliantly written comedy touched a chord with audiences, not only in the United States, but around the world. During the show’s staggering 8 year run, Will & Grace garnered 16 Emmy Awards and 83 nominations, each member of the cast receiving at least one win for their performance throughout the series. The show itself became one of the highest-rated sitcoms, regularly attracting more than 17 million viewers at its peak. However, like all good things, they must come to an end. And in the summer of 2006 viewers across the world watched the last episode.

But as everyone now knows, the hit NBC comedy is not only getting a new series with 12 episodes premiering on September 28th 2017, but it has also been renewed for a further 13-episode run next year.

After 11 years off the air, one thing about Will & Grace hasn’t changed too much. The highly anticipated revival will pick up with the beloved stars at different places in their lives, but one nostalgic spot remains almost untouched: Will Truman’s plush Manhattan apartment. Located on the 9th floor of 155 Riverside Drive in the Upper West Side to be precise. But enough about the address, the real magic lies with the stylish interiors. The show’s sets were masterfully designed by Emmy award winning production designers Glenda Rovello and Bruce Ryan. But perhaps the real plaudits lay with the shows Emmy winning set decorator Melinda Ritz. Melinda manged to decorate these spaces beautifully. Providing Will with a bachelor pad that was masculine, yet warm and with a neutral colour pallet. The furniture and décor seemed to perfectly fit the character. Through the seasons however, as the apartment also became Grace’s home, the décor seemed to brighten. With some new furniture additions as well as new cushions and a plethora of vibrant artwork, Melinda managed to introduce splashes of colour.

We have put together a selection similar pieces of furniture, lighting and décor seen in Will’s apartment and where you can find them for a reasonable price.

1. Hammondale Pin Tufted Sofa $344.99 (Wayfair) 2. Bunche Tripod Floor Lamp $479.99 (Wayfair) 3. Selby Throw Pillow $25.99 (Wayfair) 4. Rave Throw Pillow (2) $55.99 (Wayfair) 5. Belafonte Coffee Table $309.99 (Wayfair) 6. Acacia Colonial Serving Bowl $40.99 (Wayfair)
1. Artcare Tuscan Large Picture Frame $50.99 (Wayfair) 2. Two Tier End Table $622.50 (Wayfair) 3. Daisy Beatrice Throw Pillow $43.99 (Wayfair) 4. Sketch Study Drawings $22.99 (AllPosters) 5. Berkeley Dining Table $1799 (Wayfair) 6. Canvas Director’s Chair $67.99 (Wayfair)
1. Modernist Brass Art Easel with Light $1295 (Stardust) 2. Ferris 3 Drawer Server $419.99 (Wayfair) 3. Wide Ornate Picture Frame $22.99 (Wayfair) 4. Theroux Wicker Basket with Handles $35.99 (Wayfair) 5. Kierra 100% Cotton Pillow Cover $17.99 (Wayfair) 6. Emma and Violet Lumbar Pillow $26.99 (Wayfair) 7. Spence Wingback Armchair $1599 (Wayfair) 8. Cleopatra Coffee Table $299 (Wayfair) 9. Orange Floor Cushion Seat $18.90 (Amazon) 10. Two Piece Glass Candlestick Set $36.99 (Wayfair)

We hope that these items will meet your Will & Grace interior design needs. We had so much fun looking back at Will’s apartment and his wonderful décor and furnishings. Following the end of the original series, the set for Will’s apartment was donated by series co-creator and alumni Max Mutchnick to Emerson College Library in Massachusetts. It is an apartment that people still talk about and we look forward to seeing it in 2017. If you can’t wait here’s a sneak peek…

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Will & Grace Series 9 airs in the United States on NBC on September 28.

Written by Published on 27th August 2017

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