Blade Runner Whiskey Tumbler

An iconic design from a Sci-Fi classic

Blade Runner Whiskey Tumbler

Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) drinks from the CiBi Double Old fashioned whiskey glass in the 1982 sci-fi classic Blade Runner. Designed by Italian architect and designer Cini Boeri in 1973, and part of the Arnolfo di Cambio collection. This unique tumbler is mouth blown and hand cut by master glass-makers in Tuscany, Italy. The glasses were a great find by Blade Runner set decorators Linda DeScenna and Leslie McCarthy-Frankenheimer. Even though the design was almost ten years old at the time of principle photography, they look utterly futuristic and appear very much at home on the set of Ridley Scott’s time-honored classic.

Deckard drinks from whiskey tumbler - Seen on Set Deckard drinking from the whiskey tumbler

The striking square form is cut diagonally at the corners with an in-ward tapering centre. The base is thick glass making for a heavy, solid feeling in your hand. A single glass weighs approximately 700g. These tumbles make a great gift and are a must for any Blade Runner fan.

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Why not complete the Arnolfo di Cambio collection with the CiBi whiskey tumblers in eye-catching matte black, the accompanying whiskey decanter, and ice bucket.

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